Skyler Nelles


For the past three years I have been working as a UI/UX designer for some medical applications for web and mobile platforms. Before my UI/UX days I have worked as an in-house designer, print design, shirt designer and have worked with companies like United and Continental Airlines on rebranding all of there signage throughout the world. I have also spent some time working at Team Detroit for Ford motor companies web properties as a web developer.

I am originally from Traverse City, born and raised. I studied Graphic Design at Kendall and graduated with a bachelors in fine arts. After graduation I started my career working as a production artist for the worlds largest banner manufacturer. Learned really quickly that this is extremely boring work. I decided to teach myself how to build and design websites. Ever since then I have kept alive my own business doing small business websites for about 7 years now.

After spending some time one summer working under a brew master for one of Northern Michigan's earliest micro breweries, I began to get the bug for brewing beer. I have been doing some small home pilot batches every since. I am also an avid downhill skier. I try and chase storms as they come through the UP. I was married in 2012 to my lovely wife Sarah. We have one fur child named Mr. Pickles. He is a Yorkshire terrier.


Q: What brought you into The Factory?
A: The company I primarily work for is based out of Ann Arbor and I needed a location here in Grand Rapids to call my home base. Plus the perks of included coffee and amazingly friendly people around me on a daily basis.

Q: What do you like most about what you do?
A: I love being able to tackle new problems on a daily basis. The ability to help people succeed in being successful with using applications and web sites. Every single day is different and I think that is what makes for a great work environment.

Q: If you could trade places with a person you admire for the day, who would that be and what would you be doing?
A: I think I would trade places with head designer at Apple, Johnny Ive. I feel like I share a lot of similar ideas about how products should be designed with him. Plus he works with such amazing new technology and materials every day which would be great.

Q: What is your favorite local eatery around The Factory and what do you order?
A: I would probably say Grand Rapids brewing. I only say this because I go over there about once a week and they have a decent selection of food and beverages. Although this is be far my favorite restaurant. It’s just convenient.

Q: When you have free time, what hobby are you passionately pursuing?
A: Lately my hobby have primarily been doing construction work around my house. I have been a first time home owner for about a year and a half now and I have already finished the basement into a theatre/entertainment room and also created a laundry room. The next project is the kitchen. I have already learned so much by watching Bob Vila and other various Youtube channels on how to do things. It’s amazing what you can just figure out by watching a video. I redesigned the entire basement electrical just by watching videos.