John Verbrugge


I founded Nonlinear Tech in 2001, and have helped numerous small businesses and nonprofit organizations with technology solutions, ranging from full server and network deployments to enterprise storage solutions to custom programming. My broad range of skills and knowledge of the technology market makes me an excellent over-all strategy partner, especially good at finding the right solution and right-priced solution for an organization.


Q: What brought you into The Factory?
A: I found the Factory by accident, as I was searching for downtown office space for my company. I met up with a real estate agent who showed me a couple suites on the 3rd floor, and he mentioned that if I rented one of the suites, I'd get access to the Factory. Of course, I had to see the Factory, and once I saw it I realized that a co-working space would be perfect for my needs. I ended up joining the Factory instead of renting the suite. A membership has turned out to be a really good investment because I have had more leads and business opportunities in the 3 months since joining than I have in the previous two years. The Factory is built for collaboration, sharing ideas and "aha moments". The opportunities at the Factory have been worth every penny.

Q: What do you like most about what you do?
A: The most exciting development in my technology business is that of building the business itself. Being in business for fifteen years has given me insight on how to run a business and how to build and market a technology business. I work with and coach technology businesses to build their marketing systems and business processes to create successful well-run businesses.

Q: If you could trade places with a person you admire for the day, who would that be and what would you be doing?
A: I would like to be Glenn Livingston for a day. He is a marketing and small business guru who is been helping me navigate the waters of running a successful business. My goal is to make my business run smoothly as a business that can stand on its own, and I believe learning from him has set me up for success.

Q: What is your favorite local eatery around The Factory and what do you order?
A: I get a cappuccino from San Chez every day. That's the real answer, but my favorite evening restaurant around here is Tre Cugini.

Q: When you have free time, what hobby are you passionately pursuing?
A: My wife and I are long-time ballroom dancers. So, if we're not busy taking care of our one-year-old son or doing something for the business, we would be out dancing.