Factory Stories

Every member at The Factory has a story to tell. We are gathering a bunch of them to share. Enjoy!

  • Skyler Nelles

    Skyler Nelles
    "There are many distractions at home with having a small demanding dog that barks when you are on an important conference call. Plus the perks of included coffee and amazingly friendly people around me on a daily basis."

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  • Tyler Steimle

    Tyler Steimle
    "The Factory community welcomed me with open arms and I've had a membership ever since."

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  • Leanna Pelham

    Leanna Pelham
    "I've stayed at the Factory for the awesome community, events and support that it offers. Along with one of the most Zen places to work I've ever found."

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  • Veronica Kirin

    Veronica Kirin
    "It's a great environment, which invites great people."

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  • Clayton Boothe

    Clayton Boothe
    "I looked at three different co-working options, and The Factory won me over."

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  • Allen Clark

    Allen Clark
    "After attending a Grand Rapids coworking crawl, I chose The Factory because of the good "mojo" and community feel."

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  • Amanda Osorio

    Amanda Osorio
    "I needed a place to start and to connect. I stayed because I love the connections and learning from all of the members."

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  • Kristen Rampe

    Kristen Rampe
    "I did a tour of the space and fell in love, plus it's nice to work in a tech-focused environment, and feels comfortable after spending so many years in silicon valley."

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  • Kevin Greene

    "Throughout my career I was always in a small space with my coworkers, and I loved how our energy could feed off one another. When I moved from Chicago and became a remote worker, I found I was missing that pretty quickly, and realized The Factory was a perfect fit."

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  • John Verbrugge

    "A Factory membership has turned out to be a really good investment because I have had more leads and business opportunities in the 3 months since joining than I have in the previous two years."

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