Modern Front-End

HTML and CSS are only part of the picture. The modern front-end developer will also need to be versed in version control, task automators, preprocessors, frameworks, the command line, and more.

While expanding students’ basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, we’ll delve into best practices, explore responsive design techniques, and establish the foundation shared by the most sought after front-end developers.

This class is not merely a series of lectures. You’ll be collaborating with others and reviewing code guided by an experienced local front-end developer.

Janson Hartliep


Jeremy Abrahams
Mighty in the Midwest

I’m a Developer and UX Strategist. I’m always learning, always growing, and I never stop looking for ways to improve the projects on which I work. Lately I’ve been focusing on creating the best possible user experiences for both mobile and desktop devices. Design is one of my passions, along with music, my record collection, typography, local craft beer and food, and most of all, my wife.

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Course Goals

Semantic HTML

You’ll learn how to structure your pages using the minimum elements necessary. With an eye on semantics, you’ll also learn how new HTML5 elements describe a page’s structure more clearly and concisely to the browser and assistive technologies.


CSS3 and modern browsers have given us a whole new set of tools. You’ll learn best practices for writing CSS and how to mindfully take advantage of new properties.


You’ll learn why front-end developers love CSS preproccesors like SASS. By extending CSS with familiar programming mainstays like variables, functions, and equations, SASS has reinvented the workflow of writing CSS.  

Responsive Design

The goal of responsive design is to provide the best experience on every device. We’ll discuss the best way to set breakpoints and how to make sure your images look great and load fast. You’ll learn techniques to streamline the process and how to future-proof your sites so they work seamlessly across devices.


You’ll learn how javascript and jquery can provide necessary interaction for your sites and what frameworks and libraries are essential tools for the modern front-end developer. 

Version Control & Task Automators

Get up and running with Git. You’ll learn how to integrate version control into your workflow and how to contribute to a code repository. You’ll also learn the power of task automators. Compiling, minifying, and optimizing are only the beginning as we dive into Grunt. 

Working with Back-End Technologies

Chances are, the sites you make will be driven by a back-end programming language like Ruby on Rails or PHP. Whether it’s a custom application or a content management system, you’ll learn how to work within these environments.

Before Class You Should Know

coLearners will be required to have a laptop to use on site during class hours. This class also assumes a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Prospective students are encouraged to take the HTML/CSS class at to make sure they are ready to hit the ground running on day one.

After Class You Will Understand

  • How to write beautifully structured, semantic HTML
  • How to leverage CSS and the power of CSS preprocessors
  • How to ensure your creations look best on every device using responsive design techniques
  • How to optimize your site for page load and anticipate problems with legacy browsers
  • How to immediately begin collaborating with your team using version control and task automators

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