Digital Marketing

This course will define and explain the key components of the current yet ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, and how they work together in a successful digital marketing strategy.

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Tim Haines
Symposia Labs

Timothy Haines is a Digital Media Specialist, Consultant, Trainer, and Strategist based in southwest Michigan. Timothy’s passion for communication in the digital age aligns with his work helping organizations optimize their brands and thrive in this digital age. As founder, owner and CEO of Symposia Labs, Timothy works with large and small businesses at national and local levels, as well as municipal organizations, to advance their online presence through social media strategy and training.

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Course Goals

Digital Marketing Framework and Strategy

What are the components of a successful digital marketing strategy? In addition to defining a framework, we’ll walk through a hands-on process for developing a strategy. This will include a workbook that can be used throughout the class.

Personas and Content Marketing 

Content marketing works best when organized around personas. We’ll work to define personas, each with their own unique interests. We’ll then build a content plan around content curated just for them.

The Sales Funnel

From the top of the funnel (awareness) down to the bottom (conversion) and beyond, your customers are on a journey. Learn how to leverage strategic timing, retargeting and more to move them along the path that’s catered to them.

Storytelling and Planning for Constraints

What story are you trying to tell? The message is critical but so is the media. Once we know the message, we’ll collect assets and learn the importance of defining constraints in order to know what you can accomplish.

Foundations of Search Optimization

Improve website visibility and traffic with proper use of the relevant keywords and other SEO techniques. Understand how modern SEO doesn’t live in a silo – it touches everything, including paid search and social media strategies.

Adwords and SEM

When is paid search and SEM a good fit? How does one prioritize between Adwords and Facebook ads? It is critical to understand that ultimately, the two need to inform one another. We’ll take a deep-dive into these questions and cover how to leverage these tools, which campaigns work best with which goal, and more.

Paid Social Media

Organic social media may be dead, but paid social is alive and thriving. What makes paid social different from paid search? What social PPC platforms work best for what verticals? We’ll look at what makes a successful Facebook ad campaign.

CRM, Email Marketing, and Channel Integration

Without a centralized system for keeping track of customers, why run digital marketing campaigns? We’ll highlight the pros and cons of the most popular CRMs, including HubSpot. We’ll also work to build an email marketing strategy that works with the rest of your sales funnel using both content and transactional email campaigns.

Analytics, Data, & Reporting

Most data is interesting, but which data actually matters? Together, we’ll learn how to define KPIs and discuss the best tools for reporting them. Then we’ll take a crash course in Google Data Studio, a great tool for automating much of that reporting.

A/B Testing and Optimization

Data that isn’t leveraged for improvement is data wasted. What’s the best process for deciding how to A/B split test campaigns, landing pages, copy, or creative? What resources are most helpful? We’ll deep dive into Google Optimizer and other popular tools such as


Before Class You Should Know

  • A high level understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing
  • A basic idea of how to build content for an audience
  • Have a general understanding of digital tools and social media
  • Be ready to work inside of a variety of digital tools and platforms 

After Class You Will Understand

  • How to build and maintain a solid digital marketing strategy and pipeline
  • How to communicate clearly with a targeted audience
  • How to evaluate and measure the success of marketing campaigns
  • What it looks like develop effective digital marketing content and ads
  • How to iterate on campaigns and adapt to the changing landscape of digital marketing

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