Content Strategy

Good content strategy plans for the creation and ownership of useful, usable content. Prioritized around performance goals with a focus on users, strategic content helps organizations connect with their most important audiences in more meaningful ways while strengthening customer relationships.

Amanda Rogalski


Kris McNeil

Kris believes that information architecture and design are about problem solving. Drawing from his training in marketing and corporate communications, creative strategy, and branding, Kris has been helping build businesses and organizations for the past 15 years.

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Course Goals

This class introduces those new to content strategy to the discipline, while providing cross-training to those with complementary experience in areas of communication, marketing professionals, designers and technologists.

Auditing & Assessing Content

Learn the methods for determining the various kinds of content on a web site and learn to define the topics and categories that apply to each content type. Learn to use an auditing process to understand the position and nature of content within an existing site structure and be able to communicate with website owners about what it means to a digital footprint.

Content Voice & Tone

Understand how to present messages to users in various contexts. Learn to provide guidelines to dictate the style and approach of the content to the intended audience.

Defining Content Structures

Create content models and organizational structures to help ensure content will work throughout an entire site architecture.

Search Optimization & Metadata

Learn how to define structural recommendations for increasing findability in search engines as well as within site search.

Executing an Editorial Calendar

Define publishing rhythms, schedules and editorial triggers for various content types to ensure consistency across multiple channels.

Writing for Digital

Learn a variety of best practices on how to best write for the web and other digital channels.

Governing Content

Like a garden, content needs ongoing maintenance and attention. Learn to identify ownership of content within a business or organization and how to create policies that help manage and care for the content.

Before Class You Should Know

coLearners should bring a willingness to understand content in new and fresh ways. Although any experience in graphic design, marketing, programming or other related disciplines will prove valuable, it is certainly not required.

After Class You Will Understand

  • How to apply content strategy principles
  • Various methods for assessing content
  • Content structure and classification schemes
  • How to make content more findable and searchable
  • Effective ways to publish and manage content
  • How to communicate about content with colleagues or peers within different disciplines