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Upcoming Events

  1. Grand Rapids Web Dev

    On the 4th Monday, every month from 6:00p - 8:30p. We are a group of web developers in the Grand Rapids, MI area. We discuss all parts of developing for the web, from HTML, CSS, and Javascript to design, user experience, usability, accessibility, and tools. Whether you write code, write content, design, or manage, when you work on the web there is a lot of common ground. Join us to learn from each other about best web practices, cross-browser compatibility, Javascript frameworks, style hacks, HTML5, and other web-related topics.

  2. Coffee with Creators

    Coffee with Creators is a great way to connect to some cool people in the area. Every Wednesday morning from 8:00 - 9:30 at The Factory.

  3. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell is a member led event that gathers monthly. Show and Tell is forum in which up to 5 members show off a project to their fellow members. It's just another way we are able to stay connected as a community. By getting together and talking about ideas or products, we're able to discover new ways in which we can get together to work with each other and learn more about one another.

  4. Factory Tour

    Come on in at either 10:00am or 2:00pm and we'll show you around the space and answer questions you may have.

  5. Games During Lunch

    This member-led event brings members together over a common goal: to win...errrr...to have fun!

  6. GR Cocoa Heads

    We are the Grand Rapids Chapter of Cocoa Heads, where we regularly discuss things like Cocoa Touch, Objective C, OS X, Basics of iPhone app Development, iOS, iOS Development, and OS X Development. Check out our Meetup.com page to learn more.

  7. Beer:30

    Every Friday at 4:30 we bring in our own beer and call it an early day at the office. We bring in our own beer for ourselves or to share and celebrate a week well done.

Upcoming Events