Beginner HTML & CSS

HTML and CSS are the basic building blocks of any website. Wether you want to build website, an application or simply tell your story online, life will be easier knowing both of these languages. This is a class built for those will little to no experience that want to build a strong platform to build from.

Larry Walangitan


Larry Walangitan
Rapid Development Group

Larry is a Drupal developer with solid front-end development skills. Larry is a gifted thinker and problem-solver— traits that serve him as well in web development as they did in his formal education in molecular biology.

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Course Goals

We'll start out by building a very simple website for a bakery and then we'll launch it live on the web. After we've built our first website, we'll get a more formal introduction to HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, which forms the structural layer. This is the code that will hold any text and other content.

Then we'll take a look at CSS, which is the presentational code that tells web browsers how our HTML should be rendered visually. CSS allows us to change colors, fonts, page layout, and more.

3 Learning Adventures

With a special partnership with and Larry Walangitan, we'll be walking through 3 different learning adventures. Each one is hand crafted by treehouse with Larry Walangitan being your guide through it all.

Build a Simple Website
Smells Like Bakin' is a cupcake company in need of a website. This project will walk us through the basics of HTML and CSS from the very beginning. HTML and CSS are the structural and presentational building blocks of every website and will serve as the foundation for any web project.

This HTML tutorial helps you master HTML. Mastering HTML and its many elements is critical for any type of web professional. HTML or "Hyper Text Markup Language" describes the basic structure and content of a web page.

CSS Foundations
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language used to describe the visual look of a web page. Using CSS, it is possible to change colors, margin, padding, fonts, and much more. This content will consolidate the previously released CSS Foundations and CSS3 in a brand new and updated series.