About coLearning

coLearning is a facilitated and contextually based learning environment that moves learning out of individual isolation into building collective communities where students are challenged by teachers, content, and peers. Beyond formal instruction, coLearners support each other in developing diversity in thinking and build knowledge, skills, and abilities in a given area of study.


Learning begins in the classroom, but in order to be successful, it can't end there. Start with the right skills, then expand to the real world. With studio tours, workshops and internships, we're helping coLearners build situational knowledge and experience right out of the gate.


Technologists, designers and entrepreneurs are made through experience. Share your unique perspective and path to help guide the next generation of West Michigan creators


It takes a village. Each community is responsible for the work, talent and environment it produces. As a community of learners and educators, we're responsible for creating talent to fill new and existing needs.


In order to grow and retain the talent needed for continued innovation in our region, companies should strive for an active role in building skill and mentorship for current and future employees.


  • Craft

    Help the define the most desirable and necessary hard and soft skills your company looks for in future hires. Share with our team, and together, we'll build curriculum to satisfy those collective needs.

    • Partner Hours 
  • Coach

    Spark curiosity and help foster those looking to learn. From one-on-one mentoring, offering studio tours, providing experience sessions or helping encourage those around you to learn something new.

    • Advising
    • Coffee w/ Creators
    • Mentoring
    • Studio Tours
    • Meetups 
  • Commit

    Bring coLearners on for internships and see what kind of chops they have. Then help us iterate. Share successes and let us know how we can improve courses, assessments, screening, events and placement.

    • Internships
    • Post-course feedback
    • Hiring Talent
    • Continued mentorship