coLearning brings small groups of peers together to learn key skills in technology, design, and entrepreneurship through mentorship and programs.

  • Modern Front End
    Jeremy Abrahams

    Instructor: Jeremy Abrahams

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  • Become a Programmer
    Alison Major

    Instructor: Alison Major

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  • Design Thinking
    Marlene Hernandez

    Instructor: Marlene Hernandez

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Who is coLearning for?

  • Need a Job?

    Those looking to develop the new skills needed to get a job in a growing industry.

  • Career Change?

    Those looking to make a move into a different industry or underemployed in their current role.

  • New Skills?

    Those already in their chosen career, looking to diversify skill-sets and become indispensable resources within their company.

Open Positions

Part-Time Instructor (Design Thinking)

Part-Time Instructor (Become a Programmer)

Part-Time Instructor (Business Fundamentals)

Part-Time Instructor (Project Management)

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Career Assistance

Need help financially with a coLearning course in your quest for employment?

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